Anxiety - Depression - Self-Esteem Testimonials

The space you create to do the work and your commitment makes it possible for me to realize that I don't have to live with my debilitating anxiety. I have worked with some good psychotherapists and energy workers before but, I have never really felt that they understood my experience but you are able to be present with me and identify the core issues that are behind my anxiety. I really feel you 'get me', you have a wisdom that helps me see the larger world in a different way. You were the first person to acknowledge, validate and work with the trauma that others either dismissed or did not even see. You understand how to do that.

You have a grounded approach to doing energy work. We have worked for a year and it has been worth every minute. It is an understatement to say my life better, it has completely changed. I no longer struggle with days when I feel like I can't enter to world. I now have a sense of moving forward in my life instead of being stuck. I now have a full time job that I love, something I couldn't have imagined a year ago.

HL Senior Social Policy Researcher and Analyst

Before I began seeing Catherine, everything in my life was at a dead end. I had a hard time getting and keeping a job and it was getting critical. I was in a constant state of high anxiety and tension so that I could not even function. My health was not the best and relationships with family and friends were in a constant turmoil. Then I met Catherine. Within a month, I went from 0 to 60. I got a new job which I love and am still working at 7 months later and was promoted. My health is improving tremendously. Now I am able to face issues in my life rather than hiding. I have less anxiety too which has had a positive effect on my relationships. Catherine is intuitive and non-judgemental. She knows how to assist you in a very gentle and loving way to get to good core issues and help you understand what is going on in your life. When I first started seeing her, I was very nervous and frankly a bit sceptical but Catherine put me at ease and I felt and still feel very safe. Thank you Catherine for your help and insight in finding and getting balance in my life.

JB Designer

Just a quick word to thank you for our energy session:

  1. Your intuition is amazing.
  2. I loved the fact that you did not fool around and went straight to the core issue
  3. I'd recommend you any day because of both your skills as a healer and the fact that you really focused on what I wanted to work on.

Thanks again.

O.M. Montreal, Quebec

Catherine was highly recommended by a friend who had sessions with her. I did not know much about Energy Medicine but was excited to try it. I saw her for Candida and my life long anxiety. I was surprised at the feeling I had and the change that happened in my core after just one session. Then came the second session and the feeling this time was like a burst releasing through my body. I had never felt myself in my body so completely before. After I got home the whole feeling of my body core was so incredible and so relaxed and I continued to experience clarity in my body. It just gets better with each session.

Catherine's way of being quickly made me comfortable and I was able to completely allow my core issues to come out and be resolved. Some of these things I had never even shared with my husband.

I want to share how I feel about this work so I tell everyone I can about how effective Catherine's work is because I think everyone can benefit from it.

Small Business owner Ottawa, Ontario

After working with Catherine I found I had more confidence in myself. When I met with her I had just left the hospital because of an eating disorder but, still had issues with eating and body image to the point where I did not want to go to a regular school and was taking a really long time to eat at meals because of my anxiety about weight gain. She worked on me and helped me through it and I was no longer scared. I also had phobias of spiders and intruders and after only two sessions I was already able to face them.

High School student

I met with Catherine during the second month of my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy had ended in a miscarriage and also with the discovery of a large ovarian cyst and quite extensive endometriosis throughout my uterus and up to my stomach. I had to undergo surgery to remove these two intrusions.

After recovering from the surgery we were lucky to get pregnant very quickly. And though my body seemed ready to embrace a new pregnancy I was very apprehensive about its ability to carry the pregnancy full term.

With Catherine we first worked through my lack in confidence in the pregnancy. Together affirmations were developed to coincide with the energy work. These affirmations allowed me to full heartedly accept the pregnancy and gain confidence that my body would not miscarry again. It allowed me to embrace my condition instead of emotionally holding back from it. Through these sessions it also surfaced that I was struggling with feeling worthy or deserving of this second pregnancy. We were further able to address this delicate issue.

With Catherine's guidance and energy work I was able to move forward with the pregnancy confident in both my body's ability to complete this absolutely natural process and a repaired emotional state - one ready to embrace my pregnant condition with a recharged sense of self-worth and excited about this great life change.

My daughter and I have dealt with debilitating anxiety for most of our lives. We have tried many approaches to alleviate it - meditation, homeopathy, counselling - but found that our level of anxiety was too high to allow us to benefit from these methods. My daughter in particular was too anxious to use relaxation methods. She was always tense, ready to defend herself and wound up. We have been seeing Catherine for energy medicine treatments for several months now and the benefits have been obvious and very welcome. I have been able to break many of my negative anxiety patterns, which has helped me be a better parent, and my daughter has been able to access and articulate many of her deeply felt concerns. She is noticeably calmer and able to work through situations which formerly triggered her own negative patterns. Both my daughter and I look forward to our treatments because we leave feeling so much negative energy has been discharged, leaving a calmness in its place. I recommend Catherine highly for anyone looking to try energy medicine to break negative patterns. She's helped the energy in our family become much lighter and more positive.

GW Ottawa

I was frazzled and unsteady, unbalanced and scrambled, feeling as if I had too many things I needed to be doing. During the session I began to connect more with the energy that Catherine was releasing and moving within me. When she was working on my skull I felt as if thoughts were trying to invade but that a band of white light was keeping them at bay. Other sensations were that I felt as if I was framed in a cushion of energy then Catherine sent the energy back through and I felt cleared of the tension filled energy. I was heavy with energy at the end of the session and didn’t want to or felt as if if couldn't get up - FANTASTIC - I felt invigorated and hopeful.

LT Ottawa