Emotions - Fears - Phobias Testimonials

I had an intense fear of snakes for over forty eight years and this stopped me gardening or walking in places where I was afraid of seeing a snake at my home in the country.

Catherine is highly intuitive and asked me all the right questions and then it was as though she could see a hologram of the phobia and and all the different parts of how it came to be. Catherine’s style of working got to the problem right away which helped me to realize deep unresolved emotional issues. Catherine has a gift where she intuitively can see my life and how the snake phobia affected me and how to fix it.

I can hardly wait to get into my garden now.

A.B. Medical Secretary West Carleton, On.

P.S.Two years later: Before, I always felt caged in my home because if I saw a snake I did a lot of screaming and was upset for months afterwards. Now, I have seen four snakes and can calmly say “there’s a snake over there”. After the work Catherine did with me I can feel the trauma and fear is gone from inside of me. Catherine is a magician and I really and truly am grateful to her as she has a gift for perceiving things that other people don’t see.

Catherine's hands and heart worked their magic to liberate my body and soul of some very deep and misunderstood conflicts. After the first session, I felt lighter and was able to move forward on issues that previously felt unmanageable.

Diane Coutts B.I.D. A.R.I.D.O. Interior Designer, Toronto

Catherine, you are great at articulating feelings that I didn’t know I was feeling. It is uncanny but you seem to know what emotions and feelings are going through me. You are very intuitive and you make sense of something that is at first nebulous and hard to explain but you make sense of it all. You also validate my feelings and I feel safe revealing scarey things.

H.J. Ottawa Government employee

Catherine creates a unique blend of energy body work and energy psychology to bring healing to a deep cellular level for lasting transformation. Her loving, healing, nurturing energy work enabled me to move from fear to empowerment in just one session. Thank You Catherine!

Analeyah North Manchester, NH

The difference in my child is like night and day as there was a complete change in her attitude and actions after having two sessions with Catherine. She is more optimistic and her outlook is brighter and more positive. She will now look people in the eye as opposed to looking at her feet. She is more confident about standing her ground and expressing her feelings and able to express them calmly and not get overwhelmed by them. She tells us she feels more confident after the work she did with Catherine and that she can feels the difference in herself.

Ruth T. Ottawa

I had my first session with Catherine last October. I felt I had emotional issues and wasn’t living up to my full potential in my personal and business life. After three sessions I saw my life turn around. I no longer have claustrophobia and my emotional baggage disappeared. Will I continue to see Catherine? You bet!

I believe strongly in what she does and her help and guidance in how I deal with myself is invaluable in my marriage and business life.

L.N. Real Estate Agent