General Testimonials

Catherine, our session was amazing. It was uncanny the things that came out of your mouth. You also came up with relevant details. You got to core issues based on your feelings and you were able to go to issues without me saying something about it, yet it was so truthful.

You are good at pinpointing low consciousness issues and bringing them out.


I found that Catherine’s work was extremely helpful during and reduced my stress and anxiety enormously during a difficult time in my life. I refer my patients to her for treatment of various stress related issues that I encounter everyday in my family practice.

SB Family Physician

Catherine helped my son in subtle and dramatic ways. His sleeping improved, his emotions were softened so he could handle himself better and even neighbors commented that he was more outgoing and calm.

Perhaps, the most concrete improvement was that his bedwetting stopped overnight. I would often feel disappointed on dropping off my son as I felt I would like the session for myself. Once we even had an argument as to who needed the appointment more that day.

M.R. Ottawa (C.M. note- this family has now reserved a weekly appointment so that they can all take turns using it for whoever needs it the most.)

Dear Catherine,
Thank you so much for the work you did on me. The energy and chakra balancing techniques definitely allowed my exhausted PTS ravaged body to release tension and deeply relax. Combined with the effortless, yet effective EFT work on an ongoing source of stress, I was able to leave the session with a calmer, clearer, and more spacious sense going forward. Your manner was gentle and healing and your intuition of how to approach the work were right on.

With love and gratitude,

I am a middle aged lawyer who has been working with Catherine on a regular basis for about 8 months. When I first met her, I was suffering from the loss of a well loved pet. More significantly, I was struggling with a long term pattern of reacting with impatience and anger towards people (regardless of whether they were close family members, colleagues or complete strangers) and various situations such as driving a car. I had an intuitive sense that these reactions were irrational and disproportionate but I seemed to have little control over them. Catherine explained that the part of the brain called the amydala was constantly being triggered. This is no doubt the legacy of an unhappy childhood where anger and violence permeated the home.

Eight months later, my reactivity has significantly subsided. I no longer react as spontaneously with anger and impatience. I must, of course, constantly monitor myself but the urge to strike out in this fashion has decreased significantly. This has resulted in better relationships with those close to me and a lot less stress in terms of dealing with neighbors and other acquaintances.

The work with Catherine is not at all arduous. Catherine does all the work! I simply need to be open and willing to share what I am feeling. Catherine is a true coach - something that I feel is crucial in any type of therapy. We develop a game plan for future stressful situations and debrief on what has transpired since the last session. I was fortunate to have had a good psychotherapist in the past who helped me enormously. To my mind, Catherine's work complements this therapy. The fact is, Catherine's work actually rewires the brain - her technique gets into all the niches of the brain and spirit which conventional therapy cannot.

Catherine provides a completely safe environment for healing. To the point that I am hopeful my daughter will seek our her help as well. Unfortunately, inevitable, my daughter is burdened by the same family legacy. But I find that as I heal, she is healing as well.


I am amazed at how much happier and lighter I feel inside and it is a relief after carrying emotional pain my whole life. Catherine has a special touch, an ability to name what is bothering me and go to the core of any deep seated issues I present.I have spent a lot of time in talk therapy and I find I am making progress in leaps and bounds with the work Catherine is doing with me in such short period of time.

J.K. Senior Policy Advisor, Government of Canada

Catherine, rapport was quickly established, you were without judgement you put me in a place where I felt comfortable. I was amazed at how quickly you got me to a place where I could go deep and bring up all of my feelings. You made me feel safe about going into emotionally frightening places I had never gone before and helped me really see myself and go to the core issues which was what I needed. The core issues have always been fragmented and unclear but with all the work you did on me for the first time I was able to see my issues clearly. With your way of working you really pulled me all together and I no longer felt fragmented and could see my core issue in it's entirety. You are naturally intuitive, very sensitive and have a sixth sense. You somehow knew what I was feeling and what to do with the emotions that came up in me. I wish I had done this work years earlier in my life.

H.G. School Teacher

In my session with Catherine, all the pain and discomfort in my shoulder that had been literally haunting me for months, simply melted away. It is now 6 months later and the pain has not returned.

M.S. Biochemist Ottawa

Shortly before leaving to visit my family in Ottawa, I suffered a dog bite to my right hand. While I knew that the minor cuts, swelling and bruising, would heal within a short time, I was particularly concerned about the palm of my hand. It had a deep, cut measuring approximately 2.5 centimeters long which had required stitches to close it. I had likened to a (earthquake) fault line because the centre of it gaped open and the skin on either side of it was noticeably raised and rigid. I worried that these ‘ridges’ would remain after my hand healed and that I would have reduced sensitivity in that area.

During my visit, I received an intense series of eight treatments from Catherine. For the first few sessions, we both agreed that my wound was steadily improving, however, at the completion of the sixth treatment; Catherine and I were simply astounded at what we witnessed. My wound had completely closed! It appeared as if the sides of the wound had been invisibly sealed together! The swelling in the surrounding area had lessened and inflammation was markedly reduced, as well.

The Doctor who saw me at the time of the incident told me that my hand could well take seven to eight months to heal completely. However, it has been six weeks now and my scar has almost completely healed. I have no way of knowing how long the healing process would have taken without Catherine’s help but I am firmly convinced that my sessions with her significantly advanced it. I would recommend Catherine’s services to others without hesitation.

C. Bell School Teacher Victoria, BC

I have known Catherine for many years and she has developed knowledge through the study and use of many types of alternative medicine over the years. This is a true calling for her. Her passion. With me, she has had a healing touch, able to hone in on affected areas bringing to light the source of pain. In my case, this has included shoulder pain and migraines. She invests the love and energy of her total essence into her work and the results are knowledge and well being for others.


I have discovered through energy work under the guidance of Catherine has greatly improved my ability to work through life’s daily stresses. Her tools and intuition have allowed me to tap into an inner strength I did not know I possessed. I believe Catherine and energy work has set my life on a new path of purely positive results.

R.T. School Teacher

Catherine, you have magic hands. Ever since the first time you worked on me several years ago, I knew there was something special about your hands.