Trauma & Pain Testimonials

Before I started to work with Catherine I was in despair and did not want to be here anymore as I was in so much physical pain, however, working with Catherine has transformed my life. Health was been restored to my body as the chronic total body pain that I endured for two years gradually disappeared. Hope was returned to my spirit as my relationship with myself and my loved ones began to flourish. My new balanced energy state has opened the door to the joy of life. Catherine is really good at getting to the core of issues. Her multiple abilities to initiate healing are unsurpassed.

ST Transportation Inspector

You really understand people and how to show compassion for what is holding me back. I do not know how you do it but, it is like you are able to pick things out of my aura and put it into words and express exactly what I am feeling.

I am able to be in a relationship now, whereas before I was nowhere close.

I was living in chaos and it felt like a nightmare. Yet, with each session I am seeing clearly and no longer afraid. You help me get rid of paralyzing baggage and also give me practical skills so I can move forward successfully in my life. I feel I am standing on different ground when I leave.

Before our work, I felt like I was living on the outside of my life and now I am truly living my life. I really feel you hear me. One of the powerful things you did was somehow you connected all the little pieces of trauma that were a huge jumble of confusion and you made it all make sense to me and I no longer felt like a freak. You helped me get my power back.

Catherine, because of the way you work I now know that change is really possible and and you make it easy so it is not that difficult.

LG screenplay writer

Dear Catherine,
My wife has been in agony for years. By the grace of God, you worked on her, and I must tell you, your work was the most profound healing she has ever had. Her pain cleared, her energies lightened up and straightened out like ducks in a row and you lifted a terrible burden from her and from me as well.

Clients who come into your 'angel hands' are blessed.

May God grant you continued light in your healing practice and in your own life as well. All the best

KH New Jersey

As an adult, my husband Jim developed a serious cat allergy. When he entered a house with feline residents, his eyes itched, his breathing became difficult and he often broke out into hives. My daughter and I are long time cat lovers and really wanted to add one to our family. With Jim's allergy, it did not seem to be in the cards. Neither Jim nor I had any prior experience withe Energy Medicine, but he decided to give it a try. Catherine treated Jim twice, and in that short period of time, he noticed he was no longer reacting to friends' cats when we visited their homes. My daughter and I could not restrain ourselves any longer and dragged Jim to the animal shelter to adopt a cat. We have had our cat for a year now and my husband has had no allergy symptoms at all. Jim said as an added bonus, he always felt more energetic and positive after he had a treatment. We're delighted we tried energy medicine for Jim's allergy and recommend Catherine highly.

GW Ottawa, Ontario

Catherine helped advance the healing of my herniated disk. Through her energy work I was able to strongly feel my own energy field. It was palpable. As she worked, I could sense the blockages, the energy movement and clearing. Pathways were opened and released emotional issues stored from the past. She stimulated the energy, stirring it to flow again and catalyse healing forces.

DB Life Coach

Catherine the work you did on me healed me at my core. The physical healing went very deeply into healing me at the deepest level of my origianl traumas. I got off your table felling whole and together. Your healing penetrated my painful fibres and brought me to a place of more congruity and completeness.

I felt your honest caring and your great nurturing and your knowlegable expertise throughout the entire experience.

Thank you from my deepest heart.

CK New York Life and Health Coach