Be your own Energy Wellspring

Join Catherine McLenaghan for an energy medicine workshop designed to bring more vitality, joy and spirit into your life. Based on the understanding that the body has the ability to heal itself and experience well-being, energy medicine taps into the body's rich storehouse of natural wisdom. It can address physical ailments and emotional or mental disorders, promoting better health and more joyful living.

At the workshop you will learn a daily energy routine that will optimize your energy and have you feeling your aliveness. We explore how your energy runs in your body and responds to energy exercises that expand your sense of yourself as an energetic being and much more!

New workshops coming soon for 2011!

Below is a poster of a workshop being held in July.
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Expand Your Magnificence

Jeremy Sills and Catherine unveiled a workshop combining energy work and sound.

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Catherine taught a two day Energy Medicine workshop in Paris, France May 15th-16th. View the PDF

Watch out for more information on upcoming workshops in the Wellspring Energy Studio in 2011.

Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck for The Awakened Mind workshop.
They test your brain functioning while you are visualizing during the workshop so you can come to better understand how you can have your brain working at it's optimized levels. It is a wonderful and enlightening experience.

Jullie-Anne Belam from California on magnetizing love into your life. She will come for a weekend workshop then participants will meet once a week for a group skype class with Julie-Anne for the duration of the program.

Suzanne Hewit Somatic Integration based on Peter Levine's work

Workshops that Catherine is developing and will post as they come available: