Welcome to my Energy Wellspring studio!

Energy is the invisible foundation behind everything we see and touch. Any conceivable health problem can be alleviated, if not overcome, by gently shifting the energies within the body that are maintaining the condition. In the process, you become more consciously, intimately, and joyfully involved in the deepest workings of your body.

Working with an energy medicine practitioner who recognizes the body as an energy system can unblock, stimulate, or sedate the subtle energies that are at the core of your being, allowing you to fully express yourself.

My name is Catherine McLenaghan. I feel very passionate about my work, as it is wonderful to witness the extraordinary changes a person undergoes as I combine the power of energy medicine with a meridian tapping technique (also known as energy psychology or EFT — Emotional Freedom Technique). Collaborating and exploring with a person to see what is causing a physical or emotional blockage is like a dance: I go back and forth from the body to the emotions, gently releasing trapped emotions and enabling forward progress.

I have experience with all types of problems, from performance anxiety, phobias, depression, anxiety, difficulty with transitions or inability to move forward in life. It’s possible to deal with all these issues by working with underlying blocked emotions and energy patterns.

Please note: My work is supervised by Dr. Augustine Meier and I am able provide receipts for insurance and tax purposes.